Stayner Real Estate Photographer

Finding a real estate photographer in Stayner, Ontario is easy when you know where to look. We’re located just a 15 minute drive away and can be on site the same day depending on availability. However, more lead time is always appreciated. Wink, wink.

When home buyers are browsing homes on MLS, bright, sharp photos stand out from the rest. They can help to bring in more showings from the right buyers. This could possibly lead to multiple offers, a faster close or a higher sale price. Here are some statistics.


Real Estate Video

Providing your clients a video walkthrough (also called a virtual tour) when marketing their home is in high demand these days. Not only does it help sell the listing and satisfy your clients, when you share it on your social media, it helps to bring in your NEXT clients. Your followers will see what you can offer them and that will increase your chances of getting your next client.

When choosing a real estate videographer in Stayner, look for past examples of their work to make sure your listing resonates with their style of filming and editing. Look for smooth, bright video that makes the home look clean and attractive. You could also narrate your own video, taking the viewers through the home by speaking over the video. This is a great way to add your personal touch and really impress your clients, along with future clients.


Real Estate Agent Headshots

Keeping your realtor headshots current and modern is important. The process is fun and easy. We can shoot indoors at your office using our professional lighting kit, or outdoors so you can have a variety of professional photos to use in your marketing pieces.


Drone Photography

We offer drone photos in Stayner which would need to be approved by Transport Canada before we proceed. No sketchy operators here! Our pilots are trained and insured so everyone involved is protected. If we can’t get permission from Transport Canada, we can photograph the listing using a 50-foot mast. It’s old school but it works!


Feature Sheets

If you need feature sheets designed and printed for your open house, we offer this service in addition to receiving your real estate photos. You’ll receive a four page layout with the most enticing photos from your shoot, neighbourhood statistics and your contact info on the back page. Here’s a sample.


Twilight Photos

Twilight photos are exterior real estate photos taken just after or around sunset. If your listing has evening lighting installed, twilight photos are a beautiful and colourful way to showcase the home. They also look great in your marketing portfolio when showing future clients what you can offer them to sell their home.