Real Estate Photography in Oakville

Aerial real estate photo taken in Oakville.

Aerial real estate photo taken in Oakville.


Oakville is it!

Oakville is one of the top 10 richest towns in Canada. Realtors in this market will likely use a professional real estate photographer in order to properly showcase the beauty and grandeur of the property, and to capture the most home buyer attention in this high stakes market. Top agents know that big bright photos help sell homes. Period. A listing with poorly lit photos is more likely to remain on the market longer than one which is bright and inviting to home buyers.



Aerial photos help you show the proximity to the lake or ravine. It’s also a great way to show neighbourhood or overall size of the lot or those well landscaped backyards with pools and large decks. If you really want to promote your listing, go for our video package which includes aerial video as well as aerial photos.



We combine your interior, exterior and aerial videos into one promotional video to showcase your listing. The video comes complete with your logo, callouts to describe the home’s most important features, music, as well as an optional voiceover to take the viewer throughout the home. This can be shared on your social media channels for maximum coverage. It really is the icing on the cake for real estate listing promotion.

The average home price in Oakville was $1.1 million in August, 2016. If you have a real estate listing in this market, congratulations! You are selling in one of the wealthiest towns in Canada. You need to show your new listing as professionally as possible with well-lit real estate photos that resonate with your target buyer.

Our real estate photography prices do not increase based on the size or selling price of the home as other photographers do. Something to keep in mind as you as choosing your photographer. Your photos are delivered to your inbox the next day and ready to post on MLS.

If you have a new listing coming up in Oakville or the surrounding areas, fill out your details below. Good luck on your next listing!