It all started with a pole.


The photography mast being used for real estate.

Before getting into real estate photography, I was a landscape photographer selling wide format prints on my Etsy page and in Toronto coffee shops. I was into photography since the early 90’s but had only started selling prints about a decade later. Oh, was the money ever rolling in. ;-)


One day, I stumbled across a Craigslist ad where someone was selling a 50 foot high photography pole – a mast to be precise. I bought it because I was intrigued by the photos an elevated viewpoint would produce. So I drove around the large, heavy pole in my car and carried it across fields and in forests for about 2 months trying to photograph landscapes from above hoping to capture photos worthy of wall space. Unfortunately not much panned out but I lived to tell a few tales.


Naturally, I wondered who else might find value from a slightly elevated viewpoint and it didn’t take long to realize the benefits to the real estate industry. So I strapped on my sales and marketing hat and hit the streets. The agents and home sellers loved it and I was shooting exclusively aerial photos (mast photos, really) for the first couple years.


Shooting interiors was the next challenge. Architectural photography and properly lighting a room required a completely different bag of tricks and equipment. It was an expensive learning curve but well worth it in the end. Clients love bright, evenly lit rooms without distortion or over exposed, “blown out” windows. 


My job takes me to some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes Southern Ontario has to offer. My family and I recently moved from Toronto to the beautiful town of Collingwood. This area has so much to offer and is a great place to raise a family. I love what I do. Too bad about all the mileage on the car though.


My clients are competitive real estate agents throughout Southern Ontario. They realize the importance of quality photos for their listings and for their own brand. 


If you have a listing in mind, please call or text me at 705-445-4065. Prefer email? –


Sebastian Petrescu
Real Estate Photographer
Southern Ontario

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