Looking for a real estate photographer in Wasaga Beach? It’s important to choose a photographer who can really brighten a room using professional lighting. Wasaga Beach is well known for it’s sunny beach lifestyle so it’s wise to reflect that in the photos you show to home buyers. Unless it’s a tear-down, dark photos usually won’t help the right buyers. Show them the light!

With over 11 years of architectural photography experience, we’ve learned a lot about photography and marketing. We’ve learned that homes will eventually sell with or without hiring a professional real estate photographer, but more important, professional photos and videos help realtors get their NEXT listing. This is because clients choose to work with agents based on how well they’ve marketed other homes in the past.

You can trust our level of quality to keep you in demand and to help you feel really proud of your marketing efforts. Think of us as part of your marketing team!



Marketing real estate listings with professional video is in high demand these days. It involves having the right gear, experience and technical aptitude to produce bright, smooth flowing real estate videos clients love to see.

We provide you with two versions of your video – branded and non-branded. The branded version is for your social media and website. We can create a custom outro with your contact info at the end of the video. Use this version to show your social media following what you can offer them. It’s a great way to get your next listing! The non-branded video is for MLS.

To really stand out, you can choose to narrate your own video. This will have you in the video, describing the various features of the property and really making it a personal experience for the viewer. Your clients will love this! It’s a great way to bring in future business as well.



Drone photos are also available in the Wasaga Beach area and you can rest assured knowing that they will be approved by Transport Canada. The days of unapproved drone flights for commercial applications are over and you need to be sure you’re working with a trained pilot who has adequate insurance and is compliant with Transport Canada regulations.



Sometimes, you can capture the home’s surroundings from above with a 50-foot photography mast and avoid the cost of a drone flight and it’s limitations. We offer this vantage point to homes in Wasaga Beach for just $195. You can view pole photography samples here.



Real estate agent headshots are also available to Wasaga Beach realtors. We can shoot indoors at your office or outdoors to capture the area’s beauty in the background. The shoots are always a lot of fun and cost only $150 per final photo!


Google Review:

Sebastian is an amazing professional! I have worked with many photographers and his quality of work is outstanding. If you are looking for a real estate photographer, Sebastian is your guy, no questions asked! Feature sheets, virtual tour, photos, social media videos... he does it all.
– Steff Grech-Gouveia
Sales Representative, Keller Williams