Real Estate Photography

Well-lit, professional photos for realtors in demand.

Choosing to have your new real estate listing professionally photographed is a good step toward getting your NEXT client. Yes, homes will sell even with dark, vertical iPhone photos. However, clients tend to choose those realtors with a portfolio of bright, sharp professional photos.

We provide bright, well-lit photos captured with a combination of flash and natural light to produce truly realistic photos that do not look over-produced. They are edited to have both the inside and outside of the home properly exposed – a true sign of a professional real estate photographer.

We are located in Collingwood, Ontario and service the Georgian Bay and Simcoe regions.

Don't forget, your photos not only help sell your current listing, they also help sell your quality of service as a realtor.


  • Enough photos to fully capture the property (about 25-50 photos)
  • Well-lit and professionally edited


If it's a cloudy day, we can digitally replace the sky to make your photo pop. Don't worry, we'll ask you if it's recommended.



If your listing calls for an extra wide photo to properly capture the feel of the room, we'll include a panoramic photo at no extra charge. These are great for showing wide rooms or two rooms in one photo.


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