12 Examples of Mast Photography for Real Estate

These were taken throughout Southern Ontario from a photography mast which extends to 50 feet high. Mast photography is perfect for large, scenic real estate listings which are difficult to show from ground level. More samples can be found at www.elevatedphotos.ca.

Milton, Ontario looking toward Toronto.

Photographed near Barrie, Ontario from about 40 feet high.

Photographed near Waterloo, Ontario.

Elevated photo showing a large open backyard.

Large backyard in Carlisle, Ontario photographed from 30 feet high.

Large property with a scenic country view and tennis court.

Panoramic photo of a backyard with a large garden (or small farm) near Hamilton, Ontario.

Elevated panoramic real estate photo of a Georgetown, Ontario listing.

Elevated photo of a suburban backyard in Guelph, Ontario.

Elevated photo of a luxury country home in Ontario.

Luxury home in Barrie, Ontario photographed from 35 feet high.

Our photography mast set-up which extends to 50 feet high.

Our photography mast set-up which extends to 50 feet high.

Photos - New Scenic Listing Near New Tecumseth, ON

This new listing is perfect for clients who value those big, beautiful country sunsets. It is Northwest-facing and has an invigorating view of the valley – with a really big sky to match!

Contact the agent to arrange a viewing - Brian Lafazanos, 647-333-2523.

Photos - New Listing Near Bolton, ON

Here are some elevated real estate photos of a high-end listing just north of Bolton, ON. The interior is so comfortable. Kind of makes you wish it was snowing year round. It's a perfect living-in-the-country home for those not-so-rustic types.

How Professional Real Estate Photography is Captured

Ever wonder how the pros do it? Do you shoot your own real estate interior photos and wish to be on par with the pros? With the right knowledge, software skills and photographic equipment, you can shoot your own professional real estate interior photos. This video shows you one way this can be achieved.


Remove Shadows from Exterior Real Estate Photos

Here is a simple tip for eliminating shadows caused by trees. Simply wait for a cloud to eliminate the shadows or shoot the property on a partly cloudy day. I say "partly cloudy" so you can hopefully capture some blue sky in the background as the cloud covers the sun. 

As you can see from the before/after photos below, it will be worth the wait.

Photographed in direct sunlight.

Photographed in direct sunlight.

Photographed moments later during cloud coverage.

Photographed moments later during cloud coverage.